Official Press Release: Patent Application for targeting PLN R14del mutation in PLN Patients

We are thrilled to announce that in collaboration with top-notch international researchers and the prestigious Stanford University. We filed a patent application directed to RNA therapeutics specifically targeting PLN R14del mutation in PLN patients with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)! 

The patent application is an international filing and the therapeutic RNA molecules described in it have already been evaluated by the European Patent Office as new and inventive!

This is a great news for all PLN patients worldwide and shows that not only we are doing everything to help them but also that we are on the right track to do so. 

Please already refer to the pdf of the soon-to-be published patent application that provides details on the experimentally verified proof of concept treatment based on RNA technology! 

Importantly, as this technology is target specific, it does not affect the healthy copy of PLN and it is universal, i.e. it can be exploited in any therapies based on RNA like siRNA, miRNA, shRNA etc. and can be delivered to the patients in any known way, like in specifically formulated oligonucleotide therapeutics or in safe vectors such as Ad vectors or the like!

We are very happy with this important milestone and are striving to bring more therapeutics for our members in collaboration with the best researchers worldwide!

Download the patent application here.

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