We do it together

The PLN Foundation was established to find a treatment for the genetic heart muscle disease PLN. For this purpose, medical research projects are financed worldwide. We guarantee that 100% of the funds raised through fundraising, donors, and donations are spent on these objectives. he costs of the foundation are covered by separate sponsors. As a result, nothing is lost to administrative expenses.

Take action for PLN

As a foundation, we want to create an affordable treatment for PLN. We need a lot of scientific research for that. This research costs a lot of time, money and energy. That’s why were raising money for research, so that a treatment comes closer. You can start your own action on our funding website, or donate to one of the current campaigns.

Other ways to help:

Donate to the foundation

You feel involved with the PLN Foundation as a carrier, family member, friend, acquaintance, or in another way. It is always possible to make donations to the foundation. This can be done as a one-time donation or on a regular basis, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. Donations may result in tax benefits. Want to know more? Contact us, and we will provide you with more information.

Fundraising via social media

For example, are you celebrating your birthday and want to encourage people to make a donation? You can start your own fundraising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. You can ask for donations on your birthday or another special occasion.

Emballage campaign in the supermarket

Everyone knows them: the deposit machines in supermarkets. Some of these machines have a donation button, and we want to participate! We have already done the groundwork for you: at a total of 2,278 supermarkets of Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Spar, Dekamarkt, Jan Linders (southeast Netherlands), and Boni, you can request if Stichting PLN can participate in this donation button.

Create a funeral collection

It is becoming more common for survivors to ask for donations instead of flowers at funerals. If you want a funeral collection for Stichting PLN, you can include the following information:

IBAN NL 95 FVLB 0225 788 020 payable to Stichting Genetische Hartspierziekte PLN.

We can also send you a cardboard collection box if you prefer. If we can think along with you about this action in any other way, please let us know.

Start Your Own Action


Become a Volunteer

Our foundation is partly supported by volunteers, and we are incredibly grateful for their boundless dedication and enthusiasm for our mission. We are always on the lookout for new volunteers who would like to assist our organization. There are various possibilities for volunteering, including PR & communication, genealogy research, peer support, event organization, translations, and ICT. Do you have a cool idea about becoming a volunteer at PLN, or would you like to sign up directly? Get in touch with us!

Current campaigns

We create a world without PLN together. By funding scientific research, connecting researchers, and thus bringing an affordable treatment to carriers, we aim to make a difference. However, scientific research requires time, money, and energy. To continuously fund research, carriers and their loved ones assist us in raising donations.

Best friends Alice & Nikki run for PLN!

Every month, committed supporters and loved ones start actions on our dedicated fundraising website. All money raised through this website is 100% dedicated to scientific

Lergacy for PLN

Another way to help the Stichting PLN is by making a bequest to the Stichting PLN. Talking about the inheritance is a difficult topic for families affected by PLN, and courage is needed to address it.

But a bequest to the Stichting PLN will contribute to finding a solution for this serious disease for current and future PLN carriers in your family and other families Such a donation is highly appreciated.

You can have a testament drawn up or amend an existing testament with a notary and include your wishes. There are two options for making a donation to the Stichting PLN:

  • By a legacy, you stipulate that a fixed amount or percentage of your inheritance is donated to PLN;
  • You appoint the foundation as an heir or co-heir, so the foundation shares in the entire inheritance.

It is essential that the correct naming of the foundation is taken over in the will. We can provide you with this information, so feel free to contact us if you want to use this option.

Because our foundation has an ANBI status, donations are tax-exempt. This is good news because it means that every euro you donate is used for scientific research and not paid to the tax authorities.

If you have any questions or want to share your legacy with Stichting PLN, you can contact us. Secretary Evert de Boer will be happy to assist you.

Scientific Research

There are several ways to contribute to scientific research. The first option is through a donation, which will be fully allocated to this research. Other options include contributing to the Hartenbank (Hearts Bank) and the PLN Biobank.

The Hartenbank is a central biobank that stores and provides heart tissue and medical data from deceased donors for scientific research. This heart tissue can be used to study how a heart functions at an early stage of a disease and what exactly goes wrong in different heart conditions. This allows diseases to be detected and treated earlier and/or more effectively.

As a foundation, we are committed to a world without PLN and are working towards finding an affordable solution for PLN. That is why we have established our own biobank. A biobank is a collection of biological material, in our case, a collection of blood samples. We collect this blood at various locations and process it in our laboratory in Wieringerwerf. Here, we store it in freezers under our own management.

With the PLN Biobank, scientists can always approach us for research material, ensuring no delay in research. We also strengthen our position with the pharmaceutical industry, allowing potential treatments to be tested with material from the PLN Biobank.

We usually collect blood during our own events. Check our agenda for this. If you have any questions about scientific research, we will be happy to connect you with our Scientific Officer, Luuk Kerckhaert.

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