The PLN Foundation is constantly engaged in scientific research and projects. Over the years, we have expanded our network with (inter)national collaborations of renowned Dutch and foreign research centers.

We finance pioneering research. Obtaining funds for pioneering research is challenging. Through our financing, research can start, and positive results can attract resources from other funds. This way, we can respond more effectively to new developments and insights in science.

We also encourage and finance young talented students and postdocs to be sent to various laboratories/research centers worldwide to accelerate our research there. They bring back the acquired knowledge to the Netherlands.

We are always open to research proposals and ideas. The foundation connects researchers worldwide, promotes research, stimulates, and finances young talent and out-of-the-box ideas. Obtaining subsidies for new research is difficult, so we are happy to help you in this phase. Your research plan might be the solution.

Different research directions

An important argument for our projects is the significant spin-off, which largely consists of a better understanding of the functioning of the heart muscle cell, especially the calcium balance that causes the heart muscle to contract and relax. This knowledge can potentially be applied to finding treatment methods for heart failure, one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

Below, you can read more about our scientific research trajectories.

Etiological research

This category includes research into the cause of the disease (left in the overview). This category can be further divided into three different levels:

Therapeutic research

This category includes research into a drug for PLN (right in the overview). This category can be further divided into three different research directions:

Test platforms

This category shows the platforms developed to test newly developed drugs. This category includes various animal models with the PLN mutation and heart cells with the PLN mutation grown from stem cells.

Research opportunities

The foundation offers researchers various possibilities for conducting research on PLN. We can assist you with financing or provide material from our own biobank.

PLN Spark Grant

Researchers can apply for smaller amounts of funding for research through PLN Spark Grant.

PLN Biobank

With our own biobank, we store blood from donors for scientific research.

Crazy Ideas

We are always open to out-of-the-box ideas from researchers to gain new insights.

Existing research

This overview is far from complete, but it gives a good picture of ongoing research and the foundation’s involvement in it. Do you have research on PLN that belongs in this overview? We would love to hear about it.



Do you have a question about scientific research? Our collegue Marise would love to bring you in contact with the right person within the foundation. In most cases, our scientific officer Luuk Kerckhaert will answer your questions.