Achieving a PLN-Free World Together

Thanks to our colleagues and partners, we are working towards a world without PLN! We are grateful to each of them for their contribution to our mission, and they each contribute in their own unique way. Do you have a passion for this rare disease? We are always open to new partnerships.

Medical Scientific Partners

Our medical scientific partners support us in fulfilling our mission. With their project management, research, and expertise, we are taking steps together towards a PLN-free world.

Communication Partners

With our communication partners, we ensure that we reach all of you. With our communication partners, we ensure that we reach all of you. We do this both online and offline, but always with the goal of connecting you with each other or introducing more people to PLN.

Studio Solveig

With the help of Anne van Almkerk from Studio Solveig, we have created and published our new website (which you are currently looking at). Thanks to the website, as a supporter, participant, or sponsor, you can see all the activities of our foundation and how we are committed to a world without PLN. Our website serves as a crucial foundation.

Anika Kok

Thanks to Anika Kok, our blood bus has received a beautiful makeover, as she developed the design for our bus. Now, we hit the road in style! Anika is a graphic designer who has assisted us with various projects. With her help, we can convey our story through design.


Nikki Pommer from SAY NIK Media is responsible for the communication of the foundation. This includes the content of the website, our social media accounts, and the distribution of press releases. Through our (online) communication, we are working towards a very important mission: increasing awareness about PLN.

Zeeman Reclamegroep

Great ideas are meant to be executed. Zeeman Reclamegroep took care of bringing a good idea to life: thanks to them, Anika Kok's design was wrapped onto our blood bus. Now, everyone can see and find us, giving us even more recognition and visibility.


Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to realize our plans, as they support us with financial contributions or their services. We are happy to collaborate with these partners to eradicate PLN from the world and work towards an affordable treatment for the disease.

Becoming a Collaborative Partner with the Foundation

We are always seeking constructive collaborations to eliminate PLN from the world. This can take the form of a donation, initiative, or becoming a collaborative partner. Our colleague Marise will gladly connect you with Evert, our secretary.