PLN Biobank

Procedure for Material Distribution

In order to receive materials from the PLN Biobank, researchers must submit a well-founded application. Below are the steps to submit an application and the subsequent process:

Step 1. Complete the application form Fill out the application form

  • Fill out the application form (which can be downloaded below).
  • Clearly indicate the tissue samples and variables you wish to receive, the time period the dataset should cover, and the selection criteria to be applied.
  • Email the completed application form to the email address of the PLN Biobank (as stated in the Material and Data Access Policy).

Step 2. Evaluation by the Scientific Committee (SC) and Biobank Ethics Committee

  • The application form will be evaluated by the SC. You will receive feedback from the SC within four weeks.
  • The evaluation considers factors such as affiliation, funding source, background/rationale, involvement of other disciplines, potential social impact, and implementation. At least one person with experience in preclinical research with plant tissue must be involved in the application. The SC also checks for any similar applications that have been submitted (to prevent overlapping analyses) and assesses whether the PLN Biobank dataset is suitable to address the research question.
  • If the application is approved by the SC, the request for material will be reviewed by the Biobank Ethics Committee (CTB, Commissie Toetsing Biobanken) of Amsterdam UMC. You will receive feedback from the CTB within six weeks.

Step 3. Feedback from the SC

  • After the evaluation by the SC and CTB, you will receive feedback on the outcome.
  • If the application is approved, the applicant will receive an invoice and a Material Data Transfer Agreement (MDTA).

Step 4. Provision of material and data

  • After signing the MDTA, the material and data will be provided.
  • Custom arrangements will be made for the delivery of the material.


For researchers who wish to use tissue and data, the following documents are available:

Available materials for request

The PLN Biobank offers a variety of materials that can be requested for scientific research. Below is a list of available materials and their storage temperatures:

  • Serum (-80ºC)
  • EDTA-plasma (-80ºC)
  • Citraatplasma (-80ºC)
  • Heparineplasma (-80ºC)
  • PBMC (Peripheral Blood Monoclear Cells) (-196ºC)
  • PAXgene RNA-tubes

When filling out the application form, researchers must clearly indicate which materials and variables they wish to receive. The PLN Biobank ensures that the requested materials are provided in a responsible and ethical manner, to guarantee the quality of the research.

PLN R14del cardiac tissue can be requested through the Hartenbank (Hearts Bank): [Link]