Help us overcome PLN

Our mission is to find an affordable treatment for the genetic heart muscle disease PLN. As a foundation, we fund scientific research and bring scientists together. Additionally, we aim to connect individuals with PLN, raise awareness about PLN, and provide support to affected families.

Here's how we assist you:


We provide carriers with the necessary information about PLN to better understand the implications of the disease.

Support Group

We facilitate the connection between individuals affected by PLN through an online Facebook community and physical gatherings.

Family and Friends

If you are closely connected to someone with the PLN gene or may be a carrier yourself, we offer the right information and support.

About PLN

What is PLN exactly?

To make our hearts beat, calcium ions are crucial in the heart muscle cells. The protein phospholamban (PLN) plays a significant role in the calcium balance of these cells. In 2010, a mutation (genetic change) in the PLN gene was linked to the development of a heart muscle disease in the Netherlands. The Dutch mutation involves the absence of the amino acid arginine (Arg) at position 14, and is therefore scientifically referred to as: PLN p.Arg14del (1).

Take action for PLN

We create a world without PLN together. By funding scientific research, connecting researchers, and ultimately bringing an affordable treatment to carriers. However, scientific research takes time, money, and energy. To continuously finance research, carriers and their loved ones help us by raising donations.

Best friends Alice & Nikki run for PLN!

Every month, committed supporters and loved ones start actions on our dedicated fundraising website. All money raised through this website is 100% dedicated to scientific

Stay Informed

We send an email approximately once a month to those who want to stay updated about developments concerning the foundation and PLN. We discuss events, informational sessions, and updates on PLN research.


Our latest news

Discover more about ongoing initiatives, involved volunteers, and scientific advancements.