Complaints Procedure

1. Objective
This complaints procedure describes the process for handling complaints. The PLN Foundation places great importance on satisfied donors and stakeholders. Complaints are a way for the PLN Foundation to receive feedback, enabling timely identification of inaccuracies and opportunities for improving procedures or communication.

2. Definition of a complaint
A complaint is information indicating that something has gone wrong in the perception of the individual concerned. A complaint provides the PLN Foundation with information on how to improve its procedures and/or communication according to the standards of the individual concerned.

3. Receipt of complaints
Complaints can be submitted in writing. The complaint can be sent to the address below or emailed to

Genetic Cardiomyopathy PLN Foundation
Postbus 66
1775 ZH Middenmeer The Netherlands

4. Internal Procedure
All complaints will be answered as quickly as possible, but no later than within 10 working days. Additionally, all complaints will be recorded. The complaint, date of submission, individual concerned, actions taken, resolution, and measures implemented will be documented in a complaints overview.

5. Appeal
If the individual concerned is dissatisfied with the handling of the complaint, he or she can appeal to the board. The complaint will be presented to the board at the next board meeting.