Best friends Alice & Nikki run for PLN!

Every month, committed supporters and loved ones start actions on our dedicated fundraising website. All money raised through this website is 100% dedicated to scientific research. Thanks to this research, we can work towards eradicating PLN and getting closer to a treatment. We are enormously grateful to our supporters for this support and are therefore also happy to highlight your actions!

I first heard about PLN in 2021. I had no idea what it was, what it meant and the impact on the lives of carriers. As time went on I learned more and more about PLN and for the first time got a sense of what it must mean to carry this disease. At the end of 2022, I met Pieter (chairman of the foundation) for the first time in Breda and he told his personal story about what exactly PLN is and what it did to him.

I was immediately captivated by his story and immediately felt a deep motivation to contribute to a solution for PLN. I myself have no medical or scientific background, but a very strong interest and passion for marketing, communication and psychology. Since January 2023, I have been using that interest to ensure that PLN is put on the map big time and that we achieve our goals through this action website so that we continue to support science and a cure for PLN gets one step closer every day.

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So how cool is it not only to spread this message from behind your laptop, but also to put your money where your mouth is and start an action yourself? Therefore, together with my best friend Alice, I am running the Vestingloop in ‘s-Hertogenbosch on May 26, 2024. We would rather sit on the couch at night watching television than running in the dark, but for this goal, we are training together toward a hopefully achievable goal – at least we are going for it!

From my role at the foundation, I can proudly say that all the money we raise goes 100% to scientific research. Nothing is left on the line; everything benefits our causes. So, do you want to help eliminate PLN from the world? Your contribution makes a substantial difference and with it we can take the next step toward a PLN-free world. Alice and I are eternally grateful and we will keep you posted on our progress!

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