PLN also reaches Canada – publications in a Canadian magazine about the disease

We are working 24/7 on our mission: to create more awareness around PLN and, in doing so, together, to eliminate PLN from the world. Through proper and thorough scientific research, we are getting closer and closer to an affordable treatment for PLN. The PLN mutation originated in someone in Friesland around the 1200s – 1400s. Thus, carriers have a Frisian ancestor. Meanwhile, the mutation has been spotted not only in the Netherlands, but also in America, Canada, Spain and Norway.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from Tom Bijvoet, about two publications in Canada about the origins of PLN. We find it very special that the mission is being spread more and more widely – even in places outside the foundation:

A letter, sent in by a reader, then printed in full (July 2021)

An extensive article on PLN, for the January/February edition of Dutch the magazine

We thank Nelly, Tom, Edina and others involved immensely for these publications!

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