Jet and Bart have achieved their fundraising goal!

Every month, committed supporters and loved ones start actions on our dedicated fundraising website. All the money raised through this website is 100% allocated to scientific research. Thanks to this research, we can work towards eradicating PLN and getting closer to a treatment. Today, we are interviewing Jet and Bart about their initiative.

Father and daughter cycling together for 190 kilometers? Jet and Bart are doing it! They have launched a fundraising campaign on our website to raise money for PLN. They have not only reached their target but have also received additional contributions from generous donors, surpassing their goal by reaching 120% of their initial target!

Bart shares, “The PLN mutation was detected in our family last year. It came to light through my mother’s cousin, who is a carrier of the mutation.” That’s how PLN came into the picture. “My youngest daughter and I started this campaign because I initiate an action for every cycling trip I undertake with my daughters.” Previously, they had raised money for cancer funds, heart funds, and ALS funds.

The cycling route spans across the Netherlands, circling around the Green Heart region, passing by friends, family, and sometimes staying overnight with them or at hotels. “For each day my daughter cycles, I personally donated 25 euros.” Other sponsors could contribute whatever amount they wished.

We asked Bart to share a message for other carriers of PLN. “Everyone has to find their own way in dealing with this situation. We are all different and, therefore, respond differently to illnesses. You must accept that everyone handles it in their own way, both for yourself and your loved ones.” Jet and Bart are extremely grateful to all the sponsors of their campaign!

If you’re achieving something unique and would like to raise funds for a good cause, start your own campaign through the PLN fundraising website, where we have already raised over 30,000 euros for scientific research. None of the funds are wasted, and everything is dedicated to finding an affordable treatment for PLN!

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