Emmy is running the half marathon for her brother and the foundation!

Every month, committed supporters and loved ones start actions on our dedicated fundraising website. All money raised through this website is 100% dedicated to scientific research. Thanks to this research, we can work towards eradicating PLN and getting closer to a treatment. We are enormously grateful to our supporters for this support and are therefore also happy to highlight your actions!

Unexpected loss

What happens when you unexpectedly lose a loved one? It happened to Emmy de Jager. Her brother died 2 years ago, completely unexpectedly. He was only allowed to live to be 31. This great loss is something the family carries with them every day. Emmy’s brother was burdened with the PLN mutation. This was discovered recently before his death, but treatment came too late for him.

Half marathon

Emmy is running the half marathon and is tremendously motivated. “If I can spare someone the grief and misery of what happened to my family and me, I will have largely achieved my goal,” she says on her personal action page. Because the disease was only discovered 10 years ago, a lot is still unknown. Research is therefore vital. The money Emmy raises supports 100% research.

Emmy training for half marathon, text continues below photo.

“The challenge I set myself is to run a half marathon in December, on Ameland. Not to set a fast time, but for everyone who needs it to be helped so quickly to fight this disease. I’m going to achieve my goal and make my brother very proud, I’m sure!”

Would you like to help Emmy in her fight against PLN? You can help her tremendously by contributing to her personal action page. All money raised from this will go toward scientific research to better understand the disease and find an affordable treatment.

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