Devouring Norwegian asphalt while contributing to affordable treatment for PLN: Job does it!

Growing up in Friesland, with Groningen parents. PLN has its origins in this province. This is how Job Hamming’s personal connection to the disease arises. In June 2023, he will cycle the Norwegian Monster Ride, or the Styrke Proven. In fact, in 24 hours Job cycles from Trondheim to Oslo. For this achievement, he started a campaign so he can raise money for research into an affordable treatment for PLN.

In fact, at the time of writing and publishing, Job’s target amount has already been reached! The goal was to raise 2,500 euros for research, but by now the tally has reached 2,821 euros. We as a foundation are incredibly grateful for Job’s efforts and all the generous donations. There are 103 days left to reach his goal, so of course we are supporting Job to bring in even more donations. Would you like to support his action? Then click here to make a direct, secure donation.

Job Hamming during exercise, text continues below photo.

No bow at PLN Foundation

“Moreover, I find the goals and approach of the PLN Foundation very sympathetic. There is no bow, which is an additional important argument for me to think of and organize all kinds of things to raise money,” Job says on his personal action page. This is also absolutely true, nothing from donations or subsidy remains on PLN’s bow. In fact, the expenses we have for the foundation are covered by sponsors. As a result, the money from donations and grants actually goes to research that is desperately needed. That’s the way it should be!

Job Hamming during exercise, text continues below photo.

Originally, a team from the PLN Foundation will go along to ride and guide the Monster Tour. However, we chose this year not to join in 2023 and focus our attention on other actions and projects. However, we are extremely grateful and honored that Job Hamming is still cycling this Monster Ride because of this cause. “It will be a long solo,” he says, but he is confident there is a group to hook up with.

Are you curious about Job’s story and would you like to contribute to his cause? Then you can read his whole story on his personal action page.

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