5 x tips to contribute to affordable treatment for PLN

Would you like to contribute to affordable treatment for the incurable orphan disease PLN? You can! We desperately need your support in our fight against the disease. You can do more than you think! Thanks to the tireless efforts of our volunteers, professionals, collaborative partners and supporters, we truly make a difference. Find out in this article how you can do the same.

#1 – Stay informed

As a foundation, we make every effort to keep our supporters well informed about current treatment methods, the progress of research and potential treatments. We do this through social media, as well as through our events at physical locations across the country. By following us on social media, liking our posts or signing up for our newsletter, you will stay well informed.

Does that make sense? Yes, definitely! Because as we grow in our online and offline visibility, we reach more and more people. And that’s important, because the more people we reach, the more carriers get tested in time. We can hardly predict the course of the disease, but by anticipating in time, we can prepare.

So by staying informed about the foundation, you are contributing directly and indirectly to our mission.

#2 – Social media fundraiser.

Are you having a birthday soon? Then you can use social media to start a fundraiser for the foundation! A real gift that we as a foundation are very happy with. You can start such an action through Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to your efforts, we raise money for scientific research – nothing sticks to us. Our costs are covered by sponsors, so everything raised goes to scientific research.


We organize several events for porters and loved ones. For example, several information afternoons and fellow sufferers’ meetings are held each year. During the information afternoons, we will tell you more about PLN. You can attend all kinds of interesting presentations during such an afternoon. In addition, blood is donated by carriers. This blood is intended for scientific research on PLN. You can help us by donating blood, attending our meetings and pointing this out to other carriers and loved ones as well!

#4 – donate through our website

Thanks to our donors, we can drive scientific research. Here lies a key role for the foundation, as it is one of our most important daily activities. By regularly engaging with scientists and also actively bringing them together, we move research forward. As a result, important scientific breakthroughs have already been made. These breakthroughs provide light in the tunnel!

This research is funded by the foundation. But research costs a lot of money, time and energy. To continue doing this, any donation is most welcome. We already received an immense amount of support from you in the form of donations. Making a donation keeps money available to fund scientific research.

#5 – Starting your own action

By starting our own action through our personal action website, together we will ensure that more money is available for scientific research and that PLN becomes more widely known. We raised no less than 50,000 euros with our personal platform – all thanks to the fantastic efforts of our supporters. You can come up with your own promotion within minutes and get it live on our website. As a foundation, we are also happy to help promote your action, so we will contact you from here as well.

Would you like to be actively involved with PLN Foundation and affordable treatment for PLN? You can get involved with us in countless ways. We are extremely grateful for that! Schedule a personal interview with us or find out more about helping out on our dedicated page.

Stay Updated

On average, we send out one email per month to people who wish to stay informed about developments regarding the foundation and PLN. In these emails, we cover various topics such as events, information sessions, and updates related to PLN research.