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The PLN Foundation was founded to find a cure for PLN.  We fund medical research projects worldwide.

We guarantee that 100% of the donation initiatives will be spent on our goals. The costs of the Foundation are covered by sponsors.

The medical research processes are extremely expensive and finding a treatment method takes a lot of time. The PLN Foundation needs help! You can help our Foundation in various ways. You can read below how you can help us! 

Single or periodic donations to our PLN Foundation in general or specifically for our PLN transatlantic research projects are highly appreciated! The PLN Foundation is a 100% transparent Foundation: all expenses are donated either by a private individual or paid for by the volunteers that incur them, meaning all received donations are for 100% attributed to PLN related scientific research projects.

Are you considering making a periodic or single donation to our PLN Genetic Heart Disease Foundation? Please contact us so that we can refer you to a local funding network partner in your country to safely receive your donation or gifts. Many thanks in advance!

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You can also support us online, for example by holding a (birthday) fundraising campaign via Facebook and Instagram!

Time for action!

We organize various campaigns to raise money and to increase the awareness and awareness of PLN. Do you participate?

Do you want to help the PLN Foundation with fundraising and brand awareness? And do you want to start a campaign? Please click this link and start a campaign. We are more than willing to help you out with the site and the language, contact us! 

If possible, we are happy to help you, for example we can send you a cardboard collection box. Of course we also like to put you in the spotlight on our social media and our website! 

It is increasingly common: relatives ask to give donations instead of flowers at the funeral or cremation. If you also want a funeral collection for the PLN Foundation, please contact us.

Another possibility to help the PLN Foundation is to assign an estate to the PLN Foundation. Talking about the legacy is quite a difficult topic and it takes courage to bring it up for discussion. But a legacy to the PLN Foundation will help find a solution to this serious disease for current and future PLN carriers in your and other families. Such a donation is of course highly appreciated.

If you have any questions about this or if you would like to discuss a possible estate with us, you can contact us.

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