Summary of Daans Cycletour

Daan Obdeijn cycled his own alternative Elfstedentocht around Deventer and raised a great amount for PLN with his friends!

What a lucky man, that Daan. Cold, wet and windy all spring. In short, very unpleasant cycling weather.. But then, on the day that you have planned an alternative Elfstedentocht, the sun breaks through. Sunny, pleasantly warm, dry and little wind, all the ingredients for a beautiful day. If you also collect a fantastic amount, it is completely perfect.

Daan Obdeijn cycled before for PLN. He had already cycled from Paris to Deventer. Now that all travel plans fell through due to COVID-19, he had to adjust his plans. So he planned a 153 kilometer trip from the city, passing all the villages in the area. His cycling buddy Rik Zwier has only been cycling for a year, but he also dared to take on the challenge. For him it was the first time that he cycled more than 100 kilometers. So quite exciting. Rik was touched by Daan’s story why he ride for PLN and had also created his own donation site.
At 9 o’clock in the morning, Daan, Rik and Henk Hoppe left the Beestenmarkt. Rob Swartjes and Robert Mik joined Almelo and they formed a great team. Towards the end of the afternoon, a crowd of fans gathered at the same Beestenmarkt to watch the cyclists finish. For the occasion they knitted a huge finish flag, which made the reception extra festive. Tired, but very satisfied, they finished at 4.27 pm and they were all congratulated with flowers.
Afterwards, Daan stated: “It was just fantastic, everything! The weather cooperated, no delays, no bad luck, no pain or anything. I never thought it would all be so easy. My cycling buddies have had no problems either. I still can’t believe it.. But what I’m especially happy about is the fact that the donation was so beautiful. Because that’s what I do it for after all. PLN is still far too little known and if we all commit ourselves to it, we can change that. I am therefore very happy that it has been so well donated. That to me is a sign that we are making progress. And I am already thinking about the next bike ride, of course also for PLN!” Daan: we fully agree with that. With this, the PLN Foundation wants to congratulate all cyclists again on their achievement and thank them for their efforts and the nice amount they have raised so far (dated June 8, that is 2,105.00 euros and they still have a few days to donate).

We are also very grateful to all people who have donated, the final amount will fully benefit research.

For more information about the ride of May 30, check out the YouTube via this link:

Annette Klinkert – PLN Foundation



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