Sponsor the cycle tour of Daan!

Daan Obdeijn from The Netherlands is organizing a sponsor campaign for the PLN Foundation: he will cycle an “alternative Elfstedentocht”!

The original Elfstedentocht is a typical Dutch historic and heritage event. It is s a long-distance tour skating event on natural ice, almost 200 kilometres long. It is held in the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, leading past all eleven historical cities of the province. The tour is held when the natural ice along the entire course is at least 15 centimetres thick. The last tour was held in 1997. When the ice is not thick enough, you can also cycle this tour as 33 cardiologist and doctors did last september for the PLN Foundation. (see here). There has probably been a Dutch ancestor from this province of Friesland, approximately 700 years ago, who was suffering from the PLN gene mutation and all patients today are his/her descendants.

“On Sunday, May 30, I will get on my bike at 9.00 am in the city of Deventer and start my sponsored trip of 150 kilometers,” says Daan Obdeijn. Daan will cycle in the province of Overijssel with 8 other cyclists, in two teams. “I cycle for PLN because I can see up close how this life-threatening disease is exhausting a person. With medication it is kept fairly stable, but people who have this disease almost all get to a point where they need either a support heart or even a major heart transplant to survive.” “People can help me, The PLN Foundation and the disease by donating an amount at www.doneeractie.nl/alternatieve-elfstedentocht/-48911.”

Daan: on behalf of all carriers, thank you very much for your commitment and campaign. We wish you the best of luck!

Marcel de Graaf Fotografie


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