This page is for scientists who are interested in PLN research.

The PLN Foundation is continuously engaged in scientific research and projects. In recent years we have expanded our network with (inter)national research centers.

The PLN Foundation funds pioneering research. Obtaining funds for pioneering research is difficult. Through our funding scientists can start the project. Once there are positive results, resources from other funds can be obtained. In this way, we always follow new developments and insights.

We also encourage and finance young talented students and postdocs. They can work in different laboratories / research centers worldwide to accelerate our research there. They take the knowledge gained back to The Netherlands.

PLN Foundation is always looking for research proposals and ideas. Please contact us.

Read here the thesis of Sam Biermans, student Biomedical Sciences at Utrecht University. Under the supervision of dr. Niels Bovenschen, Sam Biermans wrote her thesis on current developments in virus therapy for PLN patients. A very clear, in-depth and informative thesis for those interested. Her thesis mainly focuses on the adeno-associated virus; how does the virus normally work and how can it be converted into a gene delivery vehicle. Also, the PLN R14del disease and how the recombinant AAV virus may provide new therapies is discussed.

With permission from Sam Biermans you can download it here: Research project_SamBiermans

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