PLN Foundation & internships

The PLN Foundation connects researchers worldwide, stimulates research, stimulates young talent and out-of-the-box ideas. We think it is great that we have recently been able to welcome several interns in various fields (such as social media, research) and who have all made and continue to make a valuable contribution to the PLN Foundation. One of these interns, Luuk, introduces himself below.

“Since August, I, Luuk Kerckhaert, have been doing a voluntary internship at the Foundation. The purpose of this internship is to gain knowledge about this serious but also interesting heart muscle disease. My role at the Foundation consists of observing, analyzing and concretizing the scientific research into the PLN mutation As a second year medical student this is an interesting challenge for me. In addition, I try to summarize the complex disease process and present it in simple diagrams so that it can also be understood by people without a medical background. In this way, I hope to contribute to the end of PLN cardiomyopathy! “

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