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Where to find us?

PLN Genetic Heart Disease Foundation

P.O. Box 66

NL – 1775 ZH Middenmeer, the Netherlands

IBAN NL 95 FVLB 0225 788 020 t.n.v. Stichting Genetische Hartspierziekte PLN.

KvK 55839002


Dutch PLN Foundation Administration

Pieter Glijnis   |   Chairman

Evert de Boer   |   Secretary

Gerlof de Vries   |   Treasurer

Eric Kok  |  General Board member

Jan van der Zouw  |  General Board member

USA PLN Foundation Administration

Pieter Glijnis | Chairman

Dr. L. Dean Jansen

Dr. Mark Mercola

Dr. Litsa Kranias

Dr. Stefan Jovinge

Remuneration Policy

Our Foundation Board members are neither receiving remuneration, nor indemnities for their services.

Unpaid scientific advisors

Professor Dr. Roger Hajjar

Professor Menko-Jan de Boer MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, Cardioloog

Beau Meijer, general practitioner

Luuk Kerckhaert, student Medicine at the Leiden University

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