Margriet says goodbye to her work!

Every month, committed supporters and loved ones start actions on our dedicated fundraising website. All money raised through this website is 100% dedicated to scientific research. Thanks to this research, we can work towards eradicating PLN and getting closer to a treatment. We are enormously grateful to our supporters for this support and are therefore also happy to highlight your actions!

Because of PLN, Margriet cannot work until her retirement age. “It affects many families, including mine. I would like to contribute to a solution for this heart muscle disease.” She hopes many of her colleagues will want to support her in raising a donation to the foundation. Thank you, Margriet!

Would you like to help Margriet in her fight against PLN? You can help her tremendously by contributing to her personal action page. All money raised from this will go toward scientific research to better understand the disease and find an affordable treatment.

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